A Growth Hacker by any other name


Interesting thread on inbound.org around the use of the term ‘Growth Hacker’. I tend to agree with Sujan Patel’s comment:

It’ll be here for a while but it’s misused most of the time. ……….there’s no magic growth hack it’s about going deeper than top of funnel marketing and truly understanding your product/service/offering and your customer.

At the end of the day marketing in this era requires more depth (product marketing, UX, understanding customers problems & friction points) and an omni channel approach.

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Growth hacking? No, inbound marketing


Interesting article from 2013 by ‘serial entrepreneur’ Gagan Biyani attempting to distinguish between ‘growth hacking’ and ‘marketing’.

I would suggest that, 3 years on, most of the growth hacking tactics he describes are standard inbound marketing techniques. Growth hacking in 2016 look very different.

Like most people who do marketing for startups, I have a love-hate relationship with the term “growth hacker.” On the one hand, it has allowed startup marketers to differentiate themselves from their counterparts in corporate America. On the other, it just sounds like one of those Silicon Valley buzz words that makes you want to puke every time you hear it (can anyone say “pivot”?).

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