Lead generation is dead. Yawn.


This blog on Bizible was published 18 months ago, but I’m highlighting it as a great example of the invention of a buzzphrase – in this case ‘Pipeline Marketing’ – to label a process that most of us have been following for years. Everything here is relevant, except the labeling.

Focusing just on leads causes misaligned goals with sales (leads vs. revenue) and media teams optimizing for cost per lead rather than true business growth.

Once you consider all this, it’s not a bit surprising that 99% of leads never convert into customers, according to Forrester.

Read the full article at Bizible.

Why lead nurturing matters


This post on SaleProCentral demonstrates the importance of lead nurturing and shows how marketing automation software is used to warm leads.

However, I personally hate the quoting of statistics such as “15-20 percent of opportunities that aren’t quite ready to close, will eventually convert after lead nurturing”. Stats vary from market to market and are therefore pretty meaningless.

Lead nurturing allows you to pay close attention to that online activity while simultaneously providing check in points for potential customers to sign up for your newsletter, download an eBook, or view a demo video. With each action, your automated lead nurturing software tallies up their lead scores, segments them into nurture campaigns, and even sends alerts to sales when a scoring threshold is reached or that magic web page is engaged with.

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