Is outbound marketing no more?


Inbound marketing is very much the in thing now, so is there still a place for outbound in the mix? Of course there is, silly, and this article on Conservit LeadSeed advocates the ‘horses for  courses’ approach; if it works for your sector, keep doing it.

The bloke from Hubspot, funnily enough, disagrees.

The other problem with outbound marketing initiatives is that they often have only a short shelf-life. A TV commercial may last 90 seconds, and then it vanishes into the past. Newspaper ads suffer from the same problem – nobody reads yesterday’s papers, let alone last week’s. Cold calls very often end up with the prospect slamming the phone down or the door shut. Emails are very easily deleted – that’s if they don’t end up in spam folders in the first place.

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Marketing automation – it’s not easy


I’ve always said that, to use marketing automation properly, you need to do a hell of a lot of manual work. This article on AdExpresso emphasises that although marketing automation is a fantastic tool, you need to apply a great deal of intelligence to maximise its effectiveness. Close the pop-up, apparently they want to know who you are.

Marketing automation is considered to be an incredible tool to step up your marketing game. But you need to know how to use it to its full potential.

Because if you are unable to understand how you should be using it or if you don’t have the necessary planning, execution, and analysis, then your marketing automation will not let your business grow.

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Marketing automation: Treat B2B and B2C the same?


Despite making some generalisations about the B2B business sales process, as well as attempting to sell a particular marketing automation system, this Maria Johnsen article makes some excellent points about the difference between B2B and B2C marketing.

B2B businesses don’t need to focus to the same extent as B2C on building strong relations through their websites. Why? B2B connections are very often built “offline” and are meant to last for a long time.

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Why lead nurturing matters


This post on SaleProCentral demonstrates the importance of lead nurturing and shows how marketing automation software is used to warm leads.

However, I personally hate the quoting of statistics such as “15-20 percent of opportunities that aren’t quite ready to close, will eventually convert after lead nurturing”. Stats vary from market to market and are therefore pretty meaningless.

Lead nurturing allows you to pay close attention to that online activity while simultaneously providing check in points for potential customers to sign up for your newsletter, download an eBook, or view a demo video. With each action, your automated lead nurturing software tallies up their lead scores, segments them into nurture campaigns, and even sends alerts to sales when a scoring threshold is reached or that magic web page is engaged with.

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